Lloyds TSB – Like the man from Del Monte the bank that says yes but does not know why.

Sometime in May 2009 I was called by Lloyds TSB and offered a credit card. It duly arrived and I did not use it but destroyed it. I then received a letter saying they had reduced my credit limit as it was in line with a policy they had introduced on reducing credit limits on cards that had not been used. I questioned their policy of dishing out credit cards for large sums of money in the first place. The ensuing correspondence ground its relentless way to their passing the buck to the Financial Ombudsman. The facts are that Lloyds TSB decide on their lending policy not the Ombudsman and when some one asks how they arrived at such an asinine policy they cannot explain; their final gasp is “write to the Financial Ombudsman”. What a marvelous way to rattle through life, it is the cry of the scions of the  aristocracy down the ages “Honest pater it was all the maid’s fault”. It is about time that banks became answerable to their oft times barmy policies. The banks seem to think just because they have to pay for the Ombudsman Service with a financial levy it gives them the right to foist anything they are incapable of dealing with, or do not want to deal with onto the Ombudsman.

“Regrettably your letter does not fully answer the points I made in my letter. The fact of the matter is that Lloyds Bank’s rating system is flawed.I would be grateful to know how Lloyds Bank reconciles the self evident truth that had I taken advantage of the full amount I would have been unable to repay it. I enclose a copy of my letters and I look forward to hearing from you Please feel free to move this letter upward to the senior management who dreamed up this current state of lending policy………………” To read more

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