Sainsbury PLC responds with alacrity

I visited Sainsburys in West Ealing at 8.15am and there were two  tills in operation and staff directing people to the robot tills whose demented instructions to  customers send you scurrying for the exits. This is an antisocial way way to increase profits by bringing in self service  robots and laying off staff. Of course the price that will be paid is a future existence devoid of social interaction and courtesy, more people on the dole queues and of course increased profits but is the social cost worth it? The way retail is heading we will end up entering a super market like a Japanese car plant. Then, what happens when the robots go potty?I can read the news headlines now ” Customer attacked by disturbed robot in supermarket”. Super market Chief Executive Officer is widely reported as saying “Customers need training, they are upsetting our robots”.

I complained to Sainsburys and their response was an exemplar to banks, rail companies and a few other businesses I could name.

“I would be grateful if J. Sainsbury could return … providing checkouts with real working human beings……” To read more

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