Stolen identity and Lloyds TSB – Part two

Once you have had your identity stolen you then have a job on your hands straightening out your credit ratings and the credit rating at the bank. I wrote to Lloyds TSB with a simple question which was I have a fraudulent card taken out in my name which in the process has wrecked my credit rating with the credit rating agencies. I am enclosing all the evidence and a crime reference number so when I apply for loans can you take this into account and not use the credit rating score from the agencies which are wrong.

Simple? The answer should have been  “we will bear this in mind and make adjustments accordingly” as you will see from the voluminous correspondence the obvious is just something they could not deal with. In the end I  received boxes of chocolates that I promptly sent back to the chief executive Eric Daniels.  Gerard Hoffnung at the Oxford Union,December 4th, 1958 gave a striking lesson in keeping the upper lip stiff . This is well worth a visit  it contains Hoffnung’s monologue about a bricklayer and a barrel of bricks when you come to the point where Hoffnung says,”At this point… I must have lost my presence of mind… because I let go of the line! The barrel then came down…….” that was the exact frame of mind I reached with Lloyds TSB. When you read the correspondence you will not be the least surprised.The sooner the banks go back to the Captain Mainwaring model at Walmington-on-Sea the better.

“The only asset of real and inestimable worth that Lloyds Bank has at the moment are its customers and if I was in Lloyds Bank’s position, I would be sticking to them like horse manure to a blanket, instead of giving them a fifth rate run around………………………………..” To read more

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