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Are you with the Woolwich?

The ‘Woolwich’ was originally the Woolwich Building Society before it demutualised and  became a PLC in 1997. In August 2000, Barclays took over Woolwich PLC in a £5.4bn acquisition and the Woolwich  joined the Barclays Bank Group of companies. My mother was with the Woolwich and in October 2003 I asked the Woolwich if they could transfer some […]

TV Licensing – Part one – licensing operations are as transparent as a broken TV screen

In December 2009 I was plagued with correspondence from TV licensing. TV licensing used to be handled by the BBC and is now outsourced to the Capita Group. To say the Capita Group and their employees were coy about revealing this fact to me is an understatement. The correspondence starts with receipt of a communication telling me […]

TV Licensing – Part two – the organ grinder and the monkey

I wrote to the Chief Executive of the Capita Group and then the BBC. The  way these companies operate is unique; annoying, frustrating and vexatious but unique. The company responsible for this episode washes its hands of the entire matter by referring me to the BBC. What a marvelous position to be in –  making money with out responsibility. The other information […]

Virgin – a quick response

I tried to settle an outstanding payment to Virgin Media for £18.35  but it was  hard work and a fruitless exercise. I wrote to Sir Richard Branson and the problem disappeared with the receipt of an email 4 days later. Life would be a lot easier if people could just identify the problem, solve it, apologise and everyone is happy. “in a voice redolent of a […]

Royal Mail Retail – customer care you can trust – if you believe in the tooth fairy

On December 5th 2011 I wrote to Royal Mail Retail to cancel the office mail pick up and asked if they could do a cheaper streamlined service. I wrote again on the 30th December and again on the 18th January 2012. I received no reply. As you will see from the letters it is amusing not to get a reply especially […]