TV Licensing – Part one – licensing operations are as transparent as a broken TV screen

In December 2009 I was plagued with correspondence from TV licensing. TV licensing used to be handled by the BBC and is now outsourced to the Capita Group. To say the Capita Group and their employees were coy about revealing this fact to me is an understatement. The correspondence starts with receipt of a communication telling me that my address has been passed to the Enforcement Division – which sounds like a Mafia hit squad. I wrote to Mr Shimeild, the Operating Director and asked for the postal addresses of his chairman and managing director. The correspondence started on the 22nd December 2009 and my final letter from Mr Shimeild was dated the 7th May 2010. In that time he failed to divulge the names of the two top executives I had asked for. The Chief Executive of the Capita Group was Paul Pindar. This lack of transparency  typifies the whole outsourcing business. From the people who outsource – the BBC –  to the outsourced operation TV Licensing operated by the Capita Group. People who outsource at this level should by law publish the name and the accounts of the company they out source to. All correspondence should state that this is an outsourced operation.

“I find the term Enforcement Division gratuitous, threatening and menacing……………….” To read more

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