TV Licensing – Part two – the organ grinder and the monkey

I wrote to the Chief Executive of the Capita Group and then the BBC. The  way these companies operate is unique; annoying, frustrating and vexatious but unique. The company responsible for this episode washes its hands of the entire matter by referring me to the BBC. What a marvelous position to be in –  making money with out responsibility. The other information that should be published if outsourced companies are being used is the date of the renewal of their contract. So on every TV licensing form there should be printed the name and address of the outsourced company, details of their last two years accounts on a publicly accessible website at no charge and the date of the renewal of their contract. This will bring about a marked change in their behavior.However with the BBC the final paragraph on the last letter dated 12th July 2010 states “I can assure you that we monitor the performance of TV Licensing closely, and we expect them to provide a high standard of customer service. We would not hesitate to act in case where they fall below an acceptable standard”. So the conclusion is that an outsourced company that sends  letters threatening hapless members of the public with the Enforcement Division is of an acceptable standard to the BBC.

“I require an assurance that this company’s contract will not be renewed……………………………….” To read more

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