Gove – Back to the Future – the UK version

Mr Gove motivates 12 year olds by telling them their qualifications are worthless. I often wonder what drives politicians who cherish the dotty idea that the past is somehow a golden age. They always remind me of the relative who hits the Wincarnis Tonic Wine before lunch. Mr Gove’s well worn notions that have failed the test of time, will like, the relative totter into the dining room and slide under the table –  with any luck. The Guardian carried a number of letters on Mr Gove and his Ebacc qualification.

“Gove is turning the clock back 40 years. Young people who mature academically at different rates or have a troubled economic or social home life will again have to bear the academic mark of Cain, gaining the opprobrium of future employers who are only interested in exam results, not people with a “record of achievement” who fail exams”……………………. To read more

What is amusing is that Mr Gove bears a remarkable likeness to the late Danny Ross who became  famous on radio, playing “daft Alfie” – Jimmy Clitheroe sister’s boyfriend in the long-running BBC radio series The Clitheroe Kid. Now that was a golden age – of radio.

Danny Ross, c.1972

Michael Gove GCSE exam overhaul announcement

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