Arts Council of Wales with draws its funding for the Welsh Jazz Society

The Arts Council of Wales announced that they were withdrawing funding by letter dated 29 January 2008 and the Welsh Jazz Society appealed against the decision on 2nd April 2008. In January 2008, as a result of a three year review of a number of ACW funded organisations, the Arts Council of Wales wrote to the Welsh Jazz Society giving six months notice of its intention to withdraw Revenue funding. The letter stated that from the evidence gathered, the weight of the Society’s activity was towards being a promoter of jazz events rather than a provider of services to the jazz music sector and that it was not operating as effectively as it could in its role as a promoter. The review concluded that the Welsh Jazz Society did not address Arts Council of Wales strategic priorities and there was no clear rationale for supporting it. The Society questioned as to why the Arts Council of Wales had not previously drawn attention to any alleged lapses in service provision to the jazz music sector or provided any evidence of ineffectiveness as a promoter. The Arts Council of Wales was unable or unwilling to provide this evidence to the Society. In April the appeal  was turned down and the Welsh Jazz Society made a complaint to the Public Service Ombudsman.The appeal was upheld and the Arts Council of Wales had to issue an apology. The Welsh Jazz Society website contains full documentation including the complaint, the findings and the response to the findings. Please see

The response from the Arts Council of Wales to various questions whilst the appeals were going is best described woebegone, disingenuous and tardy. A fair bit to wade through including a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office.

“This response deals with the Arts Council of Wales’ attempt at strategy formulation and in particular, pays attention to music. The strategy document itself reminds the author of a speech about the League of Nations in the House of Commons between the wars. Winston Churchill was asked for his opinion of it. “Well” he said, “I thought it was very good, it must have been good for it contained, so far as I know, all the platitudes known to the human race, with the possible exception of ‘prepare to meet thy God’, and
‘please adjust your dress before leaving’.”…………………”Regrettably all the evidence to date demonstrates that ACW has turned its back on jazz. My correspondence stands as testament to that fact and remains on public record”.

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