Organise a house meeting for David Miliband

A problem with some of today’s politicians on every side of the House is that they do not have a discernible “hinterland” and as Kitty Muggeridge said of David Frost they “Rose with out trace”. The younger politicians seem to have slid into politics via public relations, short lived media jobs and think-tanks.Very few of them appear to have got their hands dirty working in manufacturing,marketing,sales,accountancy , operations management, agriculture,construction,shop floor work, National Health Service, not for profit work  or any other line of employment that produces tangible goods or useful services. Perhaps this is the general trend towards “professional” politicians but for my money I would much rather politicians had a wide experience of the world in which we live and an empathy with the electorate. At the last Labour Party leadership contest I received a circular from David Miliband – as a marketing tool it left a lot to be desired and some of it was toe curling stuff.Needless to say my letter David Miliband elicited no response.

“Finally on a lighter note your campaign leaflet suggests that I might want to organise a house meeting for David. Bring friends and family together in a fun way to talk about why you are supporting David and what they can do to support David too”.

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