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Brian Hennessy – guest contributor

For many years I served as a trustee of the Welsh Jazz Society.  Brian Hennessy was the Managing Director until the Arts Council of Wales decided to pull the plug – see other posts on this topic and more to follow. Brian has a marvelously well developed sense of humour and considerable business nous and expertise. This letter is Brian’s complaint to […]

Sir Cecil Anderson – guest contributor

I welcome to this site Sir Cecil Anderson, bon viveur, raconteur,wit, soldier,statesman, adventurer.Recently he has had some dealings with emails from abroad whose sole purpose is to dupe the recipient out of a few bob. “May I first express my delight to learn that a gentleman of the cloth and of integrity now has an executive role in the administration of an International Bank……….” To […]

  Welsh Jazz Society complaint upheld – Arts Council of Wales issues an apology

WELCOME TO JAZZ IN Welsh Jazz Society complaint upheld Arts Council of Wales issues an apology As a result of the decision by the Arts Council of Wales to cease funding the Welsh Jazz Society from July 2008, the Society submitted a formal complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman (under Section 21 of the Public […]

The banks are at it again

On the 9th October 2012 in the Observer there was an excellent article by Lucy Rock called “Generation Rent:why millions are locked out of owning their own homes”. Young people cannot get mortgages yet people can easily get buy to let mortgages.  Young people on low incomes , students with student loans to pay off can whistle down the wind.Meanwhile people with a bit of disposable income can buy a […]

BBC recruitment procedures – state of the art – 100 years ago

Any one witnessing the recruitment of the Director General at the BBC would have thought the pantomime season had started earlier than usual. When George Entwistle was appointed at a annual salary of  £450,000, Lord Patten said “George is a creative leader for a creative organisation”. Alas events  the grave and the past were his undoing , that, […]