The banks are at it again

On the 9th October 2012 in the Observer there was an excellent article by Lucy Rock called “Generation Rent:why millions are locked out of owning their own homes”. Young people cannot get mortgages yet people can easily get buy to let mortgages.  Young people on low incomes , students with student loans to pay off can whistle down the wind.Meanwhile people with a bit of disposable income can buy a property and rent it out at super normal rents to those poor blots on low incomes, or who have student loans to pay off or any income for that matter as it takes time to build up a deposit. This topic made the Big Issue in the letters columns in the Observer this Sunday (16th December 2012).

“The banks are at it again, protecting what appears to be nice little earners at the expense of the first time buyer………….” To read more paste and click on the link below

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