Britain says no – especially if you are fellow members of the European Community

On the 28th January 2013 newspapers were reporting that the Government was planning to launch an advertising campaign to dissuade people from Bulgaria and Romania coming to these shores when they are given full travel rights across the EC next year. Britain has received any number of immigrants to its shores over the years; Huguenots, Jews,Poles,Indians, Ugandan Asians, West Indians. Currently in the UK we have 150,000 Romanians living in the UK;80,000 working in agriculture,6,000 working as doctors or nurses and 5,000 as students. The  announcement of a potty campaign in Bulgaria and Romania was the insular Little Englander at their xenophobic, boorish very best – embarrassing , shameful and distasteful. Comments from Cameron,  exclaiming that Britain only wants the “brightest and the best” to come to these shores added petrol to flames, This is an indication that Cameron and Osborne have taken on the mantel of Burke and Hare, but moving up a gear from robbing the graves of the dead to asset stripping the countries of the living.I managed to knock out a response on the infernal blackberry on the train home and it was published in the Guardian on the 30th January.

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