Monthly Archives: March 2013

Live music not music streaming is the key to a healthy music scene

In the Money Guardian on Saturday 2nd February 2013 there was an article “Music streaming goes mainstream”. It is self-evident that for people to purchase music they need to hear it. However with streaming there is a real problem with the level of artists royalties that are paid. A physical product such as a CD will earn […]

British Telecom – if you have a problem with service do not waste your time calling – write

In February 2006 I had to write to the chairman of British Telecom Sir Christopher Bland. I rent a handset from BT which went on the blink. BT came round and sorted out the problem and then tried to stiff me with a bill for £134.38 The problems leading up to my letter were vexatious to put […]

London Buses and the skill requirements of some of the drivers

Sunday morning at the bust stop and the same problem repeats it self like a radish salad. Buses as you know always seem to travel, like secret police man in the former Eastern Bloc, in threes and regulate themselves at the bus stops. However if you want the bus behind the one in front you are as Dr Johnson said of […]

South West Trains – How to increase your turnover without selling tickets

Back in February 2006 I had the misfortune to catch a train to Richmond from Waterloo. Unfortunately it was impossible to buy a ticket with out a very long wait which meant I would miss that train I was hoping to catch. So I thought I would pay the extension from Zone 3 to  zone 4 on […]

Sir Cecil Anderson – Guest Contributor – EcoBank Nigeria

Sir Cecil Anderson sends in correspondence he has had with the EcoBank of Nigeria. Sir Cecil is never one to miss an opportunity for funds to help with the restoration of his country pile and to put his grandchildren through school. “Your repetition of the plea for sincerity and honesty is noted but unnecessary. You will be unaware that my lineage dates back to William the Conker……………….” To read more Please […]