Monthly Archives: July 2013

Exit ,Voice and Loyalty – the Poll Tax Syndrome

In the Observer on the 14th July 2013 Andrew Rawnsley wrote and article, “The numbers that add up to trouble for political parties”. The article was excellent in charting the decline of the membership of political parties but did not address the reasons for the decline. Albert Hirschman the economist in Exit, Voice and Loyalty […]

The Big Society – can David Cameron tell us what it is?

On 30th June 2013 The Observer ran article on the  “Big Society” network given £1m grant despite failures by Daniel Buffer. The Society Network Foundation  was incorporated on 31st August 2010. On the 8th September 2010 a couple of amendments were made to its Articles of Association. On the 14th April 2011 they changed the […]

Rentier landlords – back in business

There was an article in the  The Guardian on 29th June 2013 “Meet the new class of landlords who are profiting from Generation Rent” by Patrick Collinson. A crucial factor that was missing from the article was the role of the banks in what is becoming a national scandal. According to the Council of Mortgage […]