Politicians – insouciance at the taxpayers expense

In 2003 the Labour Government was driving through a Licensing Bill of which the sole purpose appeared to be throwing musicians out of work. The “Two in a Bar” rule, where two musicians could play in a pub with out the landlord having an Entertainment License was tossed out and no musicians in a bar was brought in.I was locked into correspondence with an MP – who is now deceased hence the redaction of their details – this entailed me writing to the MP who forwarded the letter to then Department for Culture Media and Sport and then sent me their reply. This went round the houses and resulting in the usual response of we will have to agree to differ. This twaddle is the stock in trade device for politicians who have had their barmy policies rumbled.

“I have written to the Department twice on this issue to raise your concerns and the Minister has made completely clear that he feels the matter has been exhausted……..I therefore do not wish to entertain any future correspondence on this subject on which you have clearly strong views”. To read more

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