Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Big Issue – Politics needs people with a broader experience of life

The Observer ran a leader  article on “UKIP has risen on the back  of broken politics”. Sunday 12th October 2014. My response was published the following Sunday. “Sara Wollaston was elected MP for Totnes in May 2010 after winning the UK’s first American-style primary election open to every voter in Totnes for the conservative candidacy. […]

Outcry as Osborne rails against “anti business” charities

It was reported in the Guardian on Saturday 4th October 2014 that Osborne told the annual convention of the Institute of Directors they had to get out there and put the argument for business as there were plenty of trade unions and charities putting the counter view. Apart from having a brass neck, Osborne is […]

Arts Council chief Davey to control Radio 3

It was reported in The Guardian on saturday 27th September 2014 that Alan Davey currently the chief executive of the Arts Council is to take over as Controller of Radio 3. Peter Bazelgette was quoted as saying  that “Alan has been a brilliant chief executive of the Arts Council. The BBC and Radio Three is […]

Let’s get coherent over culture

Nick Cohen wrote an article in  the Observer on the 14th September 2014 regarding “The privileged few are tightening their grip on the arts”. My letter was published in the Observer the following week and is reproduced below.