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Over a year ago I helped a neighbour sort out their phone account with Virgin Media. The final action was a letter to Sir Richard Branson. The time it takes to sort out a simple problem leaves  you losing the will to live. Eventually the matter was resolved – sort of.

31st October 2013

Dear Sir Richard,

For some time I have tried unsuccessfully to change my current package with Virgin. To put it bluntly I feel like the fellow who for years prayed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem for an end to violence in the world. He was interviewed by a BBC reporter for News Night and was asked what it was like talking to God. The supplicant replied that frankly for all the success he had it was as if he were talking to a brick wall. Regrettably the same feelings overwhelm me after my numerous conversations with Virgin staff on trying to get a straight answer on my current package.

I am a pensioner and I would be the last person to be a role model for “conspicuous consumption” in fact the words poor, church and mice spring to mind. I enclose a copy of my October bill. All I want from Virgin is a package that includes my line rental, broadband hub and unlimited weekend calls. It would appear that Virgin staff cannot offer such a package and I am left forking out £42 each month for the privilege of watching television channels that I can get from my outside aerial and Freeview.

My next door neighbour kindly phoned Virgin and he was offered a package of broadband, line rental and free weekend calls for £22.49 for 6 months and then a monthly charge of £29.49.

Why it is that none of the Virgin staff can supply such a package for me?

Time is flying by and I fervently trust that Virgin will be able to sort out a sensible package that I can afford before I resort to another company or baked bean tins connected by string.
Yours sincerely

Attached documents (click to download)

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