Jazz UK – The Jazz Economy Parts 1,2 and 3

Jazz UK in three consecutive issues; September/October 2004, November/December 2004 and January /February 2005 published an in depth survey of the jazz scene in Britain. The contributors were Brian Blain, Emma Kendon, Peter Vacher, Pete Martin,Godfrey Pratt and John Fordham. I have reproduced the reports here. The report was subtitled a “A Labour of Love” and drew attention to the highly skilled but poorly rewarded jazz musicians and the countless volunteers nationwide who promote jazz. It is the same now as it was then, their is an incredibly vibrant jazz scene that is appallingly served an Arts Council that cheerfully funds two opera houses cheek by jowl to the tune of £38 million and keeps its fingers firmly on the windpipe of funding for jazz. Please click on Jazz UK – The Jazz Economy Parts 1,2 and 3. and see previous post “Public investment in jazz or the lack of it”.


Attached documents (click to download)

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