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Where is the vision? The Labour Party leadership election

The problem with the four candidates is the lack of broad workplace experience compounded by a lack of vision. Clem Attlee in his election broadcast on the 5th June 1945 said, “The men and women of this country….need good homes, sufficient food, clothing and the amenities of life, employment and leisure and social provision for […]

MPs ignore cultural significance of the BBC

With regard to the article “Hundreds of jobs to go at a leaner and simpler BBC” (Jane Martinson).The BBC is bounded by the rationality of being a public sector organisation and needs to think beyond the license fee and the vendetta of MPs fuelled by a dotty ideology from the School of Murdoch.  The BBC could devolve Radios 1, 2 […]

The Proms – time for a shakeup to reflect the diversity of the UK music scene

There was an  article in The Guardian (24.04.15) on the BBC Proms. Martin Kettle  looks for a critical angle  for the proms each year and every year he fails . Perhaps Martin Kettle, Alan Davey and the BBC live in a different universe to me. The BBC publicity states “While the Proms celebrates its 120th year […]