MPs ignore cultural significance of the BBC

With regard to the article “Hundreds of jobs to go at a leaner and simpler BBC” (Jane Martinson).The BBC is bounded by the rationality of being a public sector organisation and needs to think beyond the license fee and the vendetta of MPs fuelled by a dotty ideology from the School of Murdoch.  The BBC could devolve Radios 1, 2 and 6 to a commercial arm of the BBC – BBC Worldwide for example, so that they could be supported by advertising. Retain Radio 4 and reconfigure Radio 3 into a digital platform for  musics such as jazz, folk, world musics, classical music and opera. It is crucial that the BBC orchestras and live music output is retained and enhanced; these cultural assets at the BBC are something that MPs putting the boot in always fail to recognise. See Guardian letters 2nd July 2015

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