Problems at ENO – the real problem is the Arts Council

Mark Brown’s article   in the Guardian on the  4th January 2016, “Stage set for drama as ENO faces the financial music” demonstrates in graphic detail the problem with the Arts Council and arts funding; a lack of an explicit art form policy that holds the Arts Council to account for its funding decisions. Before the last funding round in 2015 the Arts Council conducted a review of ENO resulting in a £5 million cut in its funding from £17 million to £12 million but ENO was offered an inducement of £7.6 million to help in the transition of its business plan. In 2015 ENO was awarded National Portfolio Status judged against strict criteria two of which were an effective business plan  and sound governance. Shortly after passing  these tests ENO was put into “special measures”. It is now time for a rigorous examination of the Arts Council, its organisation, culture and its efficacy in delivering a national policy for the arts across art forms and regions of England.

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