Loose talk could ruin the Labour Party

Owen Smith in the recent Labour Party Leadership, has like the child who cried wolf too often, been talking about a split in the Labours Party.

As a Labour Party member for over thirty years the antics of Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn have led to a “head in the hands moment.” What I want to see from both candidates is a costed, prioritised, concrete action programme with the detail of the wherewithal to finance the delivery of their pledges. I expect to see as a matter of priority a programme of re-industrialisation and an end to the housing scandal that has been ignored by politicians of every stripe for some years. Back in 2012 the stock of buy to let housing accounted for 12.5% of the total market of 11.2 million mortgages worth £1.2 trillion.

Owen Smith should desist from his scaremongering that the Labour Party will “bust apart and disappear”. I expect the Parliamentary Labour Party to stand behind whoever wins the leadership election. The unpalatable truth is that who ever wins the leadership election will lose the next general election as they conveniently forget that positioning in the minds of Labour Party members is one thing and but positioning a credible manifesto in the minds of the electorate is another. I trust that the leader of the Labour Party after the next general election will remain in post and ensure there is a leadership election with a slate of credible candidates – including female and diverse candidates – who have substantial hinterland and will provide this member with real choice.

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