No taxation without representation

Extensive coverage in The Observer, 25th September 2016, of the Labour Party leadership and the debate over who should elect the shadow cabinet. It seems that a number of people have failed to grasp a few simple facts.

At the last general election 232 Labour MPs were elected with 9,347,304 votes that was 30.4% of the turnout. The total number of members, affiliated supporters and registered supporters of the Labour Party is 506,438 which equates to just 5.4% the 9 million people who voted for Labour. It is also worth noting that of Labour Party membership only 56% are fully paid up members. MPs salaries are paid for by the tax payer not by members of the Labour Party.

For real democracy to prevail the 9 million people who voted for Labour MPs should have their MPs decide on the election of the Labour shadow cabinet. Clause 14 of the 1215 Magna Carta promulgated the idea of no taxation without representation,

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