Radio 3 locked in the past and they have lost the key

Charlotte Higgins ran an article in the Guardian on the 24th September 2016,  saying that after 70 years Radio 3 needs a rethink . The rethink, whereby composers would be  put in charge, reminded me of a rearguard heroically defending a lost cause.

The BBC gave us the iplayer internet streaming catchup service and yet is bounded by the rationality of yesterday. For example, it could devolve Radios 1, 2 and 6 to its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. Radio 4 could be retained and  Radio 3 reconfigured into a digital platform for jazz, folk, world music, classical music and opera. The BBC could also assist fledgling online radio stations in delivering the widest range of music and serving every niche and genre.

A multigenre channel could be developed, called something like BBC Music Live to ensure that cultural assets such as the BBC orchestras and live music output were retained and enhanced with the opportunity for new work of all kinds. A prime  example is the Proms which should be a vibrant reflection of the diversity of the UK music scene instead (bar a few cosmetic changes) being locked in the past.


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