Monthly Archives: April 2018

Observations on streaming

A friend of mine sent me a statement of earnings from streaming their music. Set out below is their redacted email and my observations: From: Redacted Date: 17 April 2018 at 09:29 Subject: Streaming To: “Chris Hodgkins Esq.” <> Chris, Woke up this morning to find my latest quarterly commission statement, 1st January to 1st April […]

The National Windrush scandal – the Road to justice.

The Guardian’s coverage  of the past few weeks has exposed the present Government, with its disgraceful actions towards the migrants and their children who arrived in 1947 to help a tired nation drag itself up by its bootstraps. The Government’s policies and actions  demonstrate all the hallmarks and stock in trade of the far-right. The […]

Response to the Industrial Strategy – Creative Industries Sector Deal

Industrial Strategy – Creative Industries Sector Deal Set out below is my response to the recently published (March 2018) Creative Industries Sector Deal that forms part of the Government’s industrial strategy. The document can be downloaded at: 1 Analysis of the Creative Industries Deal The first step in any strategy formulation is to ask and […]

Arts Council England – The Next Ten Years – The Conversation, Discussing a future strategy for arts, museums, libraries 2020 to 2030

Arts Council England has been conducting a “conversation” which is arts speak for consultation. The word that should have been used is debate. The consultation has been running for 12 weeks and concludes on the 12th April 2018. The Arts Council asked a number of questions under the following subject headings: Looking to the future. […]