The National Windrush scandal – the Road to justice.

The Guardian’s coverage  of the past few weeks has exposed the present Government, with its disgraceful actions towards the migrants and their children who arrived in 1947 to help a tired nation drag itself up by its bootstraps. The Government’s policies and actions  demonstrate all the hallmarks and stock in trade of the far-right. The first rule of the far -right is find your scapegoat; immigrants generally and the Windrush generation in particular and the second rule is to suborn Government agencies to do the dirty work; the NHS, Department for Work and Pensions and the Home Office.

Richard Griffiths in his book, Fellow Travellers of the Right concluded, “most people take their political stances from ignorance or from carelessness.” Add to this nastiness, vicious far-right ideology and the development of a national culture that trashes the notion of natural justice and you have the political philosophy of the present Government that wilfully and knowingly acts against its citizens instead of for them.


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