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Reinstatement of Arts Council national lottery grants to help jazz musicians and volunteer jazz promoters.

The Arts Council has announced a rescue package but has suspended national lottery grants that would help jazz musicians and jazz promoters organise tours and plan ahead – to organise a tour or project you have to plan over a year ahead. The suspension of the national lottery grants will now add to the misery.The Arts […]

Your Chance To Perform – A Chance To Help Jazz Musicians And Promoters

The Guardian leader on culture was looking at music through rose tinted spectacles Monday 23rd March 2020

The leader article ( Amid the pandemic music send a message about things eternal, Monday 23rd March 2020 on culture and music completely missed the point which is the  meltdown of music; especially among underrepresented music such as jazz, blues and folk. The available research shows that jazz musicians had 45% of their incomes coming from […]

Does Jazz Get The Money Due To It – Jazzwise March 2020

I was bemused to read in the article “Time for Change” that Arts Council England gives 16% of its music funding to jazz. My last calculation in “Public Investment in Jazz 2012-2022” (see showed that of the total funding of music for Regularly Funded Organisations was £359 million of which jazz accounted for £6.9million or 1.9%.For the […]