Monthly Archives: July 2020

Ministers have come to the rescue. Artists must seize this chance – up to a point Lord Copper

The leader article, “Ministers have come to the rescue. Artists must seize this chance” in the Guardian on the 2nd June ( sounds reasonable till you analyse the Arts Council’s 10 year strategy “Lets Create”. “Let’s Create” reads as if written by people remote from the practical issues  which the arts face every day and […]

Congratulations to Oliver Dowden on the £1.5 billion rescue package for the arts and culture

Congratulation to Oliver Dowden Secretary of State Culture, Media and Sport on listening and delivering a £1.5 billion rescue package for the arts. However there are caveats; where and how will the money be spent, who will deliver the money to beleaguered organisations and musicians? Will under-represented musics find a place in the sun?

Stress Testing

I recently appeared in a podcast with Nicoleta Porojanu a psychologist and therapist from London. It was an interesting interview where the topic of stress was discussed. Stress is explored and what is causing stress in our modern world and the terrible impact it has on our mental activity, emotional life and physical body. Music […]