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The Labour Party leadership contest – “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”

  “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is an American popular song  with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Ted Koehler. Cab Calloway first recorded it in 1931. The Boswell Sisters recorded the song with The Dorsey Brothers in 1932. Frank Sinatra also recorded the song in 1959. Ella Fitzgerald recorded it for […]

Loose talk could ruin the Labour Party

Owen Smith in the recent Labour Party Leadership, has like the child who cried wolf too often, been talking about a split in the Labours Party. As a Labour Party member for over thirty years the antics of Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn have led to a “head in the hands moment.” What I want […]

The Labour Party keeps on digging their hole – will they ever stop?

There was an excellent article “Corbyn wins economist’s backing for radical plan” by Daniel Boffey in the Observer on 23rd August 2015. In 2010 and 2015 Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband did not have the nous to stay and plan an orderly succession. If the management of the Labour Party thinks the current leadership election […]