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London Buses and Tesco – a little goes a long way but does not necessarily help

On Friday the 15th March I took a bus from Chalk Farm to Holborn. At every stop I was assailed by an on board public address system bellowing at me that this was this particular stop and the destination was Tesco in the Old Kent Road. I have no doubt this is very useful for blind or partially sighted passengers as London buses informed me. However the question that […]

London Buses and the skill requirements of some of the drivers

Sunday morning at the bust stop and the same problem repeats it self like a radish salad. Buses as you know always seem to travel, like secret police man in the former Eastern Bloc, in threes and regulate themselves at the bus stops. However if you want the bus behind the one in front you are as Dr Johnson said of […]

London buses are great – if you can catch one

London buses have an annoying habit of arriving all at the same time on one bus stop. Needless to say the one you want is the Tail End Charlie and goes flying past the other buses leaving you at the bus stop and no further forward unless a rise in blood pressure is further forward. “What does it take to […]