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Marauding politicians abuse the English language

In The Guardian on the 10th August an article by Frances Perraudin “Marauding migrants threaten our standard of living”. Philip Hammond’s inflammatory and gratuitous language along with that of the Prime Minister’s injudicious use of the word swarm. Couple this with the flaccid response from the Labour, we are left with a hugh question mark over […]

Politicians do support the arts

Martin Kettle’s article in The Guardian on 31st July 2015,  “Why you won’t catch a British politician at the opera”, was woefully misinformed. The All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group,  whose purpose is to “To promote an appreciation of jazz music and to engage Parliament in an awareness of the issues facing jazz music, musicians and […]

Politicians – insouciance at the taxpayers expense

In 2003 the Labour Government was driving through a Licensing Bill of which the sole purpose appeared to be throwing musicians out of work. The “Two in a Bar” rule, where two musicians could play in a pub with out the landlord having an Entertainment License was tossed out and no musicians in a bar […]

Gloria de Piero MP undertook ad hoc research to find out why voters dislike politicians – “Seek, and ye shall find”

An interesting article regarding Gloria de Piero’s research into why people supposedly “hate” politicians http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/dec/31/labour-mp-gloria-de-piero#start-of-comments People’s perception of MPs are influenced by a number of factors. Firstly there is the problem with many of today’s politicians on every side of the House who do not have a discernible ”hinterland”; as Kitty Muggeridge said of David Frost, they have risen […]

Organise a house meeting for David Miliband

A problem with some of today’s politicians on every side of the House is that they do not have a discernible “hinterland” and as Kitty Muggeridge said of David Frost they “Rose with out trace”. The younger politicians seem to have slid into politics via public relations, short lived media jobs and think-tanks.Very few of them appear to have got […]