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The Big Issue – Politics needs people with a broader experience of life

The Observer ran a leader  article on “UKIP has risen on the back  of broken politics”. Sunday 12th October 2014. My response was published the following Sunday. “Sara Wollaston was elected MP for Totnes in May 2010 after winning the UK’s first American-style primary election open to every voter in Totnes for the conservative candidacy. […]

Peter Bazalgette of Arts Council England – “Don’t Blame Me”.

There was an article in the Observer on the 15th June 2014 by Vanessa Thorpe  “Arts in crisis – blame lies with council cuts”.  For the chairman of the Arts Council to pin the blame on local authorities budgets is disingenuous at best. Finding a scapegoat  reminds me of the the young aristocrat expaining to […]

Banging on about a plan for the arts

Will Hutton’s article on the 24th April 2013 Will Hutton wrote an  article in the Observer that argued for a redefinition of the creative economy. Hutton’s broad brush neglects to take into account that the arts predominantly operate in niche markets. The arts also operate with “old technologies” – a band on the road playing live every […]

Exit ,Voice and Loyalty – the Poll Tax Syndrome

In the Observer on the 14th July 2013 Andrew Rawnsley wrote and article, “The numbers that add up to trouble for political parties”. The article was excellent in charting the decline of the membership of political parties but did not address the reasons for the decline. Albert Hirschman the economist in Exit, Voice and Loyalty […]

Hitting a false Olympic note

Whilst the Olympic Games has been an incredible accomplishment all round however the occasion has been marred by the slipshod treatment of music. One example was the  showcasing of bands notable for a lack of women and diverse musicians. The Observer on the 13th May 2012 published this letter             […]