Outcry as Osborne rails against “anti business” charities

It was reported in the Guardian on Saturday 4th October 2014 that Osborne told the annual convention of the Institute of Directors they had to get out there and put the argument for business as there were plenty of trade unions and charities putting the counter view.

Apart from having a brass neck, Osborne is clearly out of touch; in fact fully detached from public opinion. I have been involved with running charities for 40 years. I have never been anti-business. However along with the majority of the electorate I have been angered and disenchanted by the appalling levels of service delivered by companies in the private sector. Like Ko-ko in the Mikado, I’ve Got a Little List”. The banks, mobile phone companies, outsourced services – TV Licensing, supermarkets –  for dodgy food and now dodgy accounting, rail companies. insurance companies, pension providers. I feel sure the general public will add a lot more to the list.

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