Monthly Archives: August 2016

A UK political reformation is needed

The Observer leader and other commentators on Brexit (3.7.16) like the political establishment are bounded by the rationality of the past. The first past the system is now an anachronism. Labour is entrenched in its old ways. The Conservatives foisted on the nation a needless referendum and will be hard put to extricate themselves from […]

Loose talk could ruin the Labour Party

Owen Smith in the recent Labour Party Leadership, has like the child who cried wolf too often, been talking about a split in the Labours Party. As a Labour Party member for over thirty years the antics of Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn have led to a “head in the hands moment.” What I want […]

Special advisers – “Nice work if you can get it”

It was recently reported in the press – 16th July 2016 that Cameron overruled Whitehall to boost aides’ pay-outs to £1 million and an encore  for top players in Prime Minister’ s Home Office team. I recently made a Freedom of Information enquiry on special advisers. I was informed that special advisers are recruited as temporary […]