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Politicians do support the arts

Martin Kettle’s article in The Guardian on 31st July 2015,  “Why you won’t catch a British politician at the opera”, was woefully misinformed. The All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group,  whose purpose is to “To promote an appreciation of jazz music and to engage Parliament in an awareness of the issues facing jazz music, musicians and […]

The Proms 2015 – the UK public deserve better than this

There was an  article on the BBC Proms and Martin Kettle who looks for a critical angle  for the proms each year and every year he fails (http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/apr/23/bbc-proms-2015-its-a-season-with-practically-everything ). Perhaps Martin Kettle, Alan Davey and the BBC live in a different universe to me. The BBC publicity states “While the Proms celebrates its 120th year in […]